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In this episode of Jesus' ministry in Galilee, where he did signs to reveal himself to people, we see another person believe in him. This man is moved along in his faith from believing that Jesus can heal his son to believing in Jesus himself. The difference may seem subtle, but the point of John’s Gospel is to lead us to faith in Jesus as the Son of God, that by believing we may have life in his name.

Scott and Justing return for another week of looking at Jesus' time in Samaria, and how this helps shape us into a healthy congregation.

The world is a field from which people are being harvested by Jesus and gathered into the kingdom of God. The church is the harvested people of God who are sent back into the field to gather others. We have been given new eyes to see the world as a field ripe for harvest.  Let us enter this field and join Jesus in the joy of gathering.

This week, Justin and Scott sit down to discuss how Jesus’ discussion about worship in John 4 shapes us as a congregation.

A woman asked Jesus where the proper place of worship is. Jesus answered by telling her who the true worshippers are. True worshippers are those who worship the Father in spirit and truth. Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit and makes us spiritually alive. From Jesus, we receive the fullness of grace and truth. Wherever the gathered people of faith in Jesus are, there is the place where God is worshipped.

This week, Justin and Scott discuss how John 4 shapes and directs our congregation in our city and around the world.

Jesus offers living water and invites us to ask him for it. The living water metaphor is all through the Bible and prominent in the Gospel of John. From it we understand that Jesus is offering cleansing from sin, spiritual life that begins now and continues on forever, and the very life of God in our souls by the indwelling of his Spirit. What prevents a person from asking Jesus for living water? What moves a person to sincerely ask for living water in faith? Let’s pray that the preventers will be removed, and the motivation will be granted for us and others to ask for and receive this living water that only Jesus can give.

This month on our parenting podcast, Jason, Savannah, and Josh discuss the importance for students to have faith-based relationships with adults.

John brought a word of clarity to a dispute over religious rituals and ministry success. The point of all ritual and the purpose of all ministry is the increase of the glory and grace of Jesus. He must increase. Today we ask the Lord for clarity in our minds, faith in our hearts, and focus in our lives, that we may pursue the increase of Jesus in our congregation and city.

Justin and Scott take a look at John 3:16-21, discussing how we are to view the world and eternity. 

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